See below for example RM Easiteach lesson plans. Submit your own too!

Do you like to use Jeopardy in your classroom? If so, download this easy to use ET file that will allows you to simply input the questions. Have fun! This is a link to some Easiteach files created by UK teachers. There are many subject areas and age groups represented. Check them out.


Work with middle school students on types of numbers.

Work with your algebra I and algebra II students on binomials.

More Fractions!!

Introduce your elem. students to fractions with this fun activity!

Working with your pre-algebra and algebra I students on functions.

Pre-Algebra and Algebra I students will begin to see why the pythagorean them really works!

Working with sine, cosine, and tangent!

Another exciting activity for your trig students.

Working with your advanced high school math students on vectors.

Allow your young elem. students create their own patterns.

The basics of division.

Area Problem Solving

Finding the equation for solving for area will be accomplished in this activity. Introduce irregular polygons.

Understanding the types of numbers and how they relate to each other.

Solving Equations

High School Geometry Lesson

High School Ordered Pairs

High School Parallel and Perpendicular Linex

High School Perpendicular Bisectors

High School Points as Networks Challenge

High School Reflections

High School Types of Angles

English/Language Arts

Challenge students with these editorial cartoons.

Do I use a period or a question mark? Allow this activity quiz your class!

A, E, I, O, U

Famous poets will be heard and read in this Easiteach lesson.

Writing to get your opinion across in this middle school/high school lesson.

Adjectives- great for elem. students

Capitals and Punct- for elem students


What is composed in an animal cell? Find out in this high school appropriate lesson.

How does an earthquake impact us? Great for middle school.

Great middle school/high school lesson on food chains and webs.

Our planets- Middle School.

The human heart is explored in this high school lesson.

The phases of the moon- great for upper elem and middle school.

Rediscover the scientific method in this high school lesson.

In this science lesson for advanced middle school or high school level, students will discover the fundamentals of an atom.

Density and Volume

The Structure of an Atom.

A Frogs Life

Atomic Model

The Earth and Moon

Social Studies/History

Fact or Fiction- work with your middle school or high school students.

Discuss and learn about the Cold War with your high school history students.

How will the 2008 election work? Discuss with your middle/high school students.

The Tudors is a great lesson to work with your class.

What are the differences between Mexico and Canada? Listen to the National Anthems- great for elem students.

Great for middle and high school.

Great for middle and high.

Use this in an economics class- upper elem or middle.

What is the Wall Street Crash? What happened? Challenge your middle/high school students.

GREAT lesson for your high school students

Ancient Egypt