Elementary lesson ideas

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First Grade - read the story aloud and divide 12 cookies among all the children.

Introduce your elem. students to fractions with this fun activity!

More Fractions!!

Allow your young elem. students create their own patterns.

The basics of division.

Area Problem Solving

Finding the equation for solving for area will be accomplished in this activity. Introduce irregular polygons.

Understanding the types of numbers and how they relate to each other.

English/Language Arts

Do I use a period or a question mark? Allow this activity quiz your class!

A, E, I, O, U

learning words with -out!

Adjectives- great for elem. students


The phases of the moon- great for upper elem and middle school.

A Frogs Life

The Earth and Moon

Social Studies/History

What are the differences between Mexico and Canada? Listen to the National Anthems- great for elem students.

Use this in an economics class- upper elem or middle.




Daily Planning

Time Saving Tips and Tricks! I used this presentation to demonstrate easy teachable moments using the IWB with little pre-creating. The message was all about saving time, using resources teachers already have, and enhancing what they already do well.