High school lesson ideas

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Working with your pre-algebra and algebra I students on functions.

Pre-Algebra and Algebra I students will begin to see why the pythagorean them really works!

Working with sine, cosine, and tangent!

Another exciting activity for your trig students.

Working with your advanced high school math students on vectors.

High School Geometry Lesson

High School Ordered Pairs

High School Parallel and Perpendicular Linex

High School Perpendicular Bisectors

High School Points as Networks Challenge

High School Reflections

High School Types of Angles

English/Language Arts

Challenge students with these editorial cartoons.

Match the vocab word with its definition.


This series of Easiteach pages is in the form of a concentration game concept to be used as an end of year review for the New York State Regents Living Environment.

What is composed in an animal cell? Find out in this high school appropriate lesson.

Great middle school/high school lesson on food chains and webs.

The human heart is explored in this high school lesson.

Rediscover the scientific method in this high school lesson.

In this science lesson for advanced middle school or high school level, students will discover the fundamentals of an atom.

Density and Volume

The Structure of an Atom.

Atomic Model

Social Studies

Branches of Government

This Social Studies/Reading lesson is focused on Nathan Hale's life during the Revolutionary War. It deals with reading comprehension, time lines, map coordinates, mapping distance. It contains website connections to further discuss the Declarations of Independence, and Connecticut and what was going on in Nathan Hale's home state at that time.

Fact or Fiction- work with your middle school or high school students.

Discuss and learn about the Cold War with your high school history students.

How will the 2008 election work? Discuss with your middle/high school students.

The Tudors is a great lesson to work with your class.

Great for middle and high school.

Great for middle and high.

What is the Wall Street Crash? What happened? Challenge your middle/high school students.

GREAT lesson for your high school students

Ancient Egypt