A software that allows the user to create extraordinary graphic organizers.

Creating New Ideas-
  • Click on Create forms link at the top of the screen
  • Click on Rapid Fire: you can type your information, press enter, type a new thought and the “enter” button will tell the program to create a new link
  • Simply type your new idea and a creation bubble will form

Link Ideas-
  • Press the link icon at the top of the page
  • Click on first bubble and connect to connected idea (bubble)
  • Click on link- text box appears- now you can type in information that tells reader the relationship between the two ideas

Add Notes-
  • Select bubble- click on note at top of the page- type information to be displayed in note box
    • Text box can appear and disappear by clicking the small icon button

  • The arrange button at the top of the screen allows for the user to change the appearance and the way the ideas are laid out
  • If you look below the symbols box on the left side, you will see a size button that allows you to change and format the size of your bubbles to best fit your needs

Format a Diagram-
  • Select the bubbles that you would like to change colors
  • At the bottom of page, click the button that has two “t” and set new default colors. This will allow all new bubbles to be in the new color.
  • To change the color of pictures and/or text boxes, click on the object and change colors from color pad
  • To change the direction of the linking line, click on the button at bottom of page that looks like a squiggly line

  • Click on hyperlink button at top of page
  • Drag and drop URL address onto page
  • Create a hyperlink that can connect you to any file and/or drag and drop
  • File – Gather Hyperlink – Save- this allows you to save all your hyperlinks into one folder on your desktop and/or documents.

  • Tools- Video- drop and drag and this opens right into the file
  • Add any sound to any graphic by drag and dropping

  • Tools- Checklist this provides a checklist for you or your students that provides a detailed checklist of what needs to be done to have a top-of the line file

Word Guide-
  • Default is auto spell check; disable by going to Tools
  • Thesaurus is available by selecting the word- word guide (program gives you synonyms, antonyms, descriptions, audio, etc)

Audio Tools-
  • To insert your own sound, you can record your voice by going to Utility-Preferences-Audio. Ensure you click on the bubble that you want the sound icon to be seen from and you’ll be able to replay your recording

Save and Print-
  • The default is for Inspiration to print your web on 1-page. If you need to change anything about printing you need to go to File-Page Setup

Transfer Work-
  • When you are in outline form, click on Transfer and this will input your information into Word or Apple Works

  • File-Export This will allow you to export your work into either word, PPT, or create a webpage.

Change Default Settings-
  • Utility-Default-this allows you to change the default settings for symbols, fonts, colors, etc

Symbol Libraries-
  • You can create your own customized libraries. You do this by going to the symbols part of the page (the categories), click on edit, name your new library, and click on the image that you would like to input
  • Utility-Template Wizard allows you to limit the libraries that your students see

Curriculum Packets-
  • There are lots of resources primarily for high school teachers in English, History, and Science that offer teachers integrated curriculum plans for many units.
  • See the Learn to Use icon off the homepage for more info