Middle school lesson ideas

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Work with middle school students on types of numbers.

English/Language Arts

Challenge students with these editorial cartoons.

Famous poets will be heard and read in this Easiteach lesson.

Writing to get your opinion across in this middle school/high school lesson.


How does an earthquake impact us? Great for middle school.

Great middle school/high school lesson on food chains and webs.

Our planets- Middle School.

The phases of the moon- great for upper elem and middle school.

In this science lesson for advanced middle school or high school level, students will discover the fundamentals of an atom.

The Structure of an Atom.

Social Studies/History

Fact or Fiction- work with your middle school or high school students.

How will the 2008 election work? Discuss with your middle/high school students.

The Tudors is a great lesson to work with your class.

Great for middle and high school.

Great for middle and high.

Use this in an economics class- upper elem or middle.

What is the Wall Street Crash? What happened? Challenge your middle/high school students.

GREAT lesson for your high school students

Ancient Egypt