General Science
  • A web-based digital library collection populated with searchable, standards-based K-12 curricula for use by science and engineering faculty in Kindergarten through 12th grade settings.
  • A research and review web site that highlights the best science interactives and resources in the world.
  • A free and open learning community for sharing emerging tools to teach science.
  • Multiple languages available.
  • Recommended resource for Primary, Middle and Secondary school students.
  • Provides a wealth of resources for Primary, Middle and Secondary school educators including lessons, acitivities, tools, resources and benchmarks.
  • Meaningful standards-based internet experiences for students.
  • This website is a great student resource that provides a description of the Scientific Method and definition of the key components that help to identify a scientific theory.
  • Great concrete examples for students at the Middle School level.
  • Over 450 highly interactive online simulations for grades 3-12 that power inquiry and understanding.
  • Free 30 day trial available.

  • Explores fossils, the universe, animals and much more through games and activities.

Life Sciences
  • Useful website with illustrations of the human body to aid in the learning of human anatomy with diagrams, podcasts, and revision questions. Recommended for use with middle school and secondary level students.
  • Explores astronomy and other space-related topics through games and interactive applications.
  • This website offers games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, that are great teaching tools that inspire young minds. Recommended primarily for middle school and secondary level students.
  • An excellent resource for a variety of topics that allows access to a search engine, videos, animations, lectures, interactive activities, virtual labs and an "Ask A Scientist" help feature.
  • Topics include neuroscience, infectious diseases, stem cells, evolution, obesity, cancer, genomics and chemical genetics, sex determination, biological clocks, cardiovascular, immunology, DNA, RNA.
  • Recommended for middle school and secondary level students.
  • Interactive game website that focuses on either animals & their habitats.
  • This website focuses on the human body and is a rich resource for students, teachers and parents.
  • Many suggested reference resources and information with access to articles, photos, movies and interactive activities.
  • Recommended for elementary, middle school and secondary level students.

  • Online game about human body systems.
  • Includes animations on how muscles work, descriptions of some of the more common muscles and fun facts.
  • For grades 6-8. Science games, videos,and interactive and engaging place to teach about science.

Cell Biology
  • This website is an excellent resource for film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms.
  • The majority of the site is free and updated annually.

  • This website contains the largest collection of color photographs taken through an optical microscope.
  • Recommended for use with secondary level students.

  • This site is an excellent resource of biology dissection links for various learners of all ages.

"Green" curriculum ideas for your classroom

Weather / Geology / Space
  • This website provides weather data and images.
  • Recommended for middle school and secondary level students.

  • Interactive, inquiry-based, internet experiments are all a part of this website.
  • Recommended for middle school and secondary level students.
  • This site is available in multiple languages.
  • It provides Java applets on physics.
  • Recommended for secondary level students.