Our eVision™

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Achieving environmental sustainability

PolyVision believes that sustainability is an important business practice in today’s global economy. In line with this belief, we strive to encourage continuous improvement in all areas of environmental stewardship—responsible use of raw materials and natural resources, design processes, and operation of all facilities—to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Doing our part to take care of the world

PolyVision is conscious of the growing demand for environmentally friendly products and vigilantly tracks rules and regulations that apply worldwide. We believe everyone has a duty to be environmentally responsible. And we are dedicated to taking the lead in the development and distribution of products that comply with the spirit of the world’s evolving ecological interests and the requirements of today’s workplace.

PolyVision eVision

Our commitment to excellence in every dimension to protect, replenish, and restore the communities in which we live and serve has led to the development of the PolyVision eVision™ product development guiding principles. Following these principles, our Production, Supply Chain, and Research & Development teams continually evaluate alternate resources and process improvements for our existing products and new products. This cycle of constant improvement enables PolyVision to capitalize on technology and material efficiency to reduce our environmental footprint while developing products that advance human health, social responsibility, and economic success.