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    And, much more!
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    Video Tutorials
    And, much more!
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  2. page English Websites edited ... Various Literature Activities Lessons/Activities/Interac…
    Various Literature Activities
    Lessons/Activities/Interaction/Worksheets on popular literature novels
    Vocab learning games for kids.

    What happens if a student forgets their novel in their locker? With this website, many popular high school (and some middle) school novels are posted online for free. No excuses now!
    Site with lots of links all related to literature (mostly 8th-12th grade). Not all links are interactive but offer good ideas for teaching literature.
    Over 1,000 picture links to places that figure in the livesProvides grammar exercises, handouts, presentations, videos and writings of famous authors.

    Picture Books
    Picture Books
    Elementary Level Picture Books - Big Universe® is an award winning web community devoted to beautiful children's picture books. READ hundreds of offerings from today's best children's book publishers, CREATE e-books with the help of an easy-to-use Author Tool,
    Lookybook allows you to look at picture booksSite has many videos explaining different grammar concepts in their entirety—from cover to cover, at your own pace. Lookybook’s goal is to post current and past picture books that are worth looking at, but it will take time to build our collection. We are increasing our collection by the minute and constantly in search of new titles to post.
    natural conversations.

    Building Language for Literacy- young children
    Vocabulary Activities- some with audio
    Grade level ranges from young-high
    Primary School Literacy Activities
    Includes objectives, tasks, and outcomes
    A fun interactive game for students to practice proofreading
    A fun writing prompt generator

    The Grammar Gorillas- beginner (nouns and verbs) and advanced (all parts of speech). Site does contain advertisements
    Grammar Activities- some with audio
    Grade level ranges from young-high
    More writing prompts
    Brief description
    of links for grammar- click on G for grammar
    4 types of writing and short identifying exercise.

    The Plural Girls- younger grades (multiple choice or fill in the blanks)
    TONS of interactive links! Links connect to grammar, writing, and much more!
    Proofreading Exercises- greatLink to use as a warm-up activity
    contemporary American poetry archive

    Writing Prompts
    Writing Prompts
    Writing Prompts with Pictures
    Prompt Generator

    Wacky Tales- younger (Mad Libs)
    More Writing Prompts- tons of links. Great site for writing!

    TONS of links- click on W for writing exercises

    Brief explanations of writing types
    Interactive Storyboards- when we ask students to create a PowerPoint presentation, we all see them much more worried about the graphics, the design, and how pretty it is…. Not the content. The interactive storyboards change this. The content becomes the focus compared to the design.
    Setting- Site and narrator goes along with Shakespearean times. Suitable for high school level students and/or advanced middle school language arts classes.
    Literacy and Poetry- Site offers interactive quizzes that uses literacy and poetry vocabulary.

    Excellent site for elementary and/or middle school age students. Site offers a ReadWriteThink approach with different interactive tools. They would love it!
    Read Hundreds of published books or create your own. This is a great site for all grade levels. Share quality reading time with your children or students. Select books from our extensive collection or bring out your creativity, improve your writing skills, or just have fun writing a book together with your child or as a classroom project. You can even publish your creation to share with friends and family!
    Poetry- Site with tons of poetry links.
    Teen Ink Poetry- There are 3,413 items currently in the poetry section. This is poems written by teenagers for teenagers.
    Instant Poetry Forms- choose your poetry form from the list of links on the left then just add words to make the poem your own.

    Persuasive Writing Ideas
    Persuasive Writing Ideas
    High School- Ten Persuasive Writing Prompts
    Middle/High- All you need to know about writing a persuasive paper

    Persuasive Writing Lesson Plan
    PowerPoint- On persuasive writing- How advertisers use your feelings to get you to agree with them.
    Persuasive Writing Worksheet- could be saved to Word for computer writing

    Study guide for writing a persuasive essay
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  3. page Social Studies Webistes edited ... Assessments This site has great …
    This site has great text information for further research. Topics range from the 1920s to question of whether or not the New Deal was successful.
    Great Depression
    A comprehensive site with text information on key individuals, photographers, and New Deal legislation. Not much interactivity, but a great additional resource.
    Roosevelt and the New Deal

    Site that offers four lesson plans that focus on the American way of life and not as much of the policies. The lessons are currently not written for a whiteboard but could easily be transferred for easy viewing. Great resources are provided.
    The Great Depression and the Arts
    Several links to sites that offer information on African-Americans during this time, women, students, labor, and many more. A great site for additional information.
    Great Depression Features (New Deal Network)
    PowerPoint Presentation with over 100 slides of information.
    FDR and the NEW DEAL

    GovernmentGovernment,1,Slide 1
    GREAT Jeopardy Game on branches of government/ saved to computer

    Electoral College Quia
    Another Jeopardy Game-
    Road to the White House Game
    Map of the US and voting trends of democrat or republican. You can change the party vote and see how that can impact the voting trends.,1,Georgia Travels
    Great interactive Baseball game of government questions and a few baseball trivia
    Comical video on the government’s power in the US
    WarinIraqWar in Iraq- Current Events and/or Government
    Political Map of Iraq
    Detailed Map of Iraq
    Iraq Region
    United Nations CyberSchoolBus (live chat sessions/contests/real life happenings!)
    Unresolved Problems of the World- links

    The famous question is, “When will I ever have to know this?” Helping students see the relevance is a vital and key step in teaching history. Therefore, when teaching about history, why not relate the past to current events. This section will provide activities/information on relating WWII to current events.
    Committee on Conscience | Alert | Darfur | Overview
    Voices on Genocide- an interview with the co-founder of the Harvard Darfur Action group. Can be played on RealPlayer, ITunes, etc.
    Videos on Darfur- National Geographic site offers a series of videos for detailed information on what is currently happening in Sudan and what has in the past. The video screen is small and the video shows advertisements prior to showing the video but the content is very useful and informative.
    Special Video Series: Sudan, Country in Crisis

    Nobel Peace Prize – 20th Century Wars
    American conflicts listed with an additional site to go into
    Interactive Game with videos, text, quizzes, etc.
    Industrial Revolution
    Great links!
    Panama Canal
    Site that offers a tour of the canal, timeline, footage, and a quiz.

    Live Camera shots, real pictures of the canal, history, etc.
    Animated Map- Battle of Somme
    Great links

    WWI Quia Quiz (games)
    Animated Map- The Fall of France
    Great links
    This link connects you to a very detailed lesson plan on this subject. Reproducible sheets are provided for you as well as additional resources and links.
    Fighting For An Ideal America

    Additional posters that could be enlarged for the whiteboard are provided on this site.
    This site is an interactive template that allows your class to work as a team to choose a poster, decide on the purpose, figure out who is targeted, and discuss their overall impression of the poster.
    Interactive Poster
    Another interactive analysis of war time posters is included in this link. The difference is this template focuses on the Uncle Sam.. I want You poster.
    I want YOU!

    A very sensitive unit of study for many teachers and students. It is imperative that it is discussed and taught with great care and respect. Provided for you are links of highly reputable sites.
    A Holocaust timeline that supplies the viewer with images and descriptions in chronological order.
    Mapping the Holocaust in 1933 is provided on this site. This is an interactive map that needs FlashPlayer in order to view the interactivity. You are able to pause the video map
    Mapping the Holocaust

    The Chamber of the Holocaust- a virtual field trip to a museum that is dedicated to those who perished and those who survived the Holocaust. Viewings are memorials that were designed throughout Europe.
    Chamber- Holocaust
    Excellent revision notes in collapsible format - revise key points and click to reveal essential notes
    Links all in relation to the end of WWII/Cold War

    At the bottom of the site are several interactive revision diagrams. Each heading offers suggested answers
    Halfway down the page you can find an audible speech made by JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    This CNN Perspectives series explores the Cold War experience. Included are interactive maps, rare video footage, declassified documents, biographies, picture galleries, timelines, interactive activities, a search function, book excerpts, an educator's guide and more. (Demands a 4.0 browser or higher)

    Site has 18 connections to maps, information, etc on topics all related to the Cold War. After most sections is a multiple choice test with immediate feedback.
    Interactive map of prewar (1939), turning point (1943) and Cold War (1947)

    This is a site that takes you to a map of Europe. The great thing about it is that you can click on a certain portion of the map and magnify that section
    The World Gazetteer provides a comprehensive set of population data and related statistics
    Hosted by CNN, 4 games are offered. 2 are for key players during this time, a crossword puzzle, and the last is for terminology

    Duck Shot Game- multiple choice quiz
    Mapping of Russia 1914-1917- Students can fill in the correct bubbles with the appropriate information
    U2 Song lyrics for Sunday Bloody Sunday (hyperlink)
    Have students listen to the song and see the lyrics on the whiteboard. You could purchase a cd for the computer or you could download the song from sites such as- Wal-Mart Music Downloads

    Follow-up song with a writing activity.
    U2 | Sunday Bloody Sunday lyrics
    Alexander I- Cloze activity that is interactive with your board. Have students come to the board to fill in the missing words.
    Alexander I
    The following site has several political cartoons, all from this time period, that your students can verbally or through writing analyze. A great introduction is also provided on how to analyze political cartoons.
    Political Cartoons

    Online Quiz- Russia and Its Neighbors- (geography)
    Russia (Geography) quiz
    Timeline of the Romanovs (matching)
    Time line of the Romanovs
    The Crimean War Interactive Quiz
    The Crimean War

    The following sites are interactive games that quiz your class on Russia/Czars.
    The Russian Revolution - Hoop Shoot
    Interdisciplinary Connections
    Science-** Hemophilia (Nicholas II)
    Hemophilia: The Royal Disease- this site has a lot of text regarding hemophilia but halfway through is a family tree of a Duke and Princess and how the disease is genetically passed. Great tie with genetics! Comes with follow-up questions although answers are not provided unless you become a member.
    A detailed lesson plan (workshop) of ‘Exploring St. Petersburg and the History of St. Petersburg”
    Excellent Comprehensive Lesson Plan from an overview of Russia until World War I. The lesson plan format is very easy to read and follow and everything is simply laid out for you

    Russia/Soviet Union (1917-1954)
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  4. page Social Studies Webistes edited {history.jpg} General http://www.digitalhistory.u…
    This websitesite contains video with textAmerican history resources that cover US political history, native American history, and music that is a great testament to why we study history.

    A great online toolresource to enhancelearn about the teaching and researchhistory of history.
    Recommended for middle school
    the world, including online timelines and secondary level students.quizzes.
    A content rich resource that ties into the McGraw Hill Companies publications.
    Recommended for middle school and secondary level students.
    This website houses the National Geographic Society's interactive museum of geography journeys.
    There are many lessons, activities
    Provides American History course materials such as outlines, puzzle worksheets, lesson plans
    and other various tools available for both teachers and students.
    Recommended specifically for middle school and secondary level students.
    complete projects with grading rubrics.
    Take a Road Trip
    Grades 4-8
    Trade game
    Interdependence Web
    This website provides interactive map games that will give students a mental map of the world’s continents, countries, and landscapes.

    AmericanHistoryAmerican History
    Digital Stories about Am. History
    An overview of
    This site provides many resources to help kids understand basic economic principles, money, and banking.
    A great resource for interactive
    American History (video)
    Could you have passed
    history games, listed chronologically by historical topic.
    An interactive learning site for kids to learn about
    the 8th grade in 1895?
    US government.

    Could you have graduated from High School in 1885?
    1999 History School Quiz- Overview of history
    Slavery Quiz
    This site provides free games and activities for kids surrounding the Industrial Revolution.
    This page provides games and activities on the Ancient World from archeology
    to Games about Historical Topics
    ancient cultures.
    This page provides interactive sites for education on the Civil War.

    America Becomes a World Power
    American Revolution- Places
    American Revolution- The British are Coming (Timed Questions)
    This page is an interactive WW1 timeline

    American Revolution- Bill of Rights
    Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
    Stock Market Game
    This site provides educational articles for teachers & students as well as provides interactive games for kids surrounding World War II.
    This site provides interactive maps to assist students learning about the enormous scope and impact
    of the Market

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